Biomedical & Clinical Engineering Equipment Labels

Biomedical & Clinical Engineering Equipment Labels

What Are Biomedical Clinical Engineering Labels?

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Biomedical clinical engineering labels identify equipment that requires preventive maintenance, inspection, testing, safety checks, status updates and more. They assist biomedical and clinical engineering departments and the medical staff to ensure proper patient care.

Common Biomedical Clinical Engineering Label Uses In Healthcare

Biomedical clinical engineering labels help health systems track and communicate important safety, maintenance, calibration and inspection information.

Biomedical Clinical Engineering Labels At United Ad Label

United Ad Label biomedical clinical engineering labels come in a variety of durable label and tag formats. These easy to apply products use bold lettering and bright colors to make important information stand out. And, the tinted unishield products are perfect for color coding or adding color to existing labels. Plus, if your application requires personalized information or a format different from the stock item, UAL offers custom label options. Our custom label designer tool allows you to design, proof, price and order custom labels online.

Types of Biomedical Clinical Engineering Labels:

Equipment Inspection Labels

Equipment Tags

Unishield Label Protector Overlays

Maintenance Status Labels

Safety Labels

Calibration Labels