Pharmacy & Prescription Medication Labels

Pharmacy & Prescription Medication Labels

What Are Pharmacy Labels?

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Pharmacy labels communicate information from the doctor and the pharmacy. They help guide medical professionals and patients in using the medication correctly. Hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, nursing homes and more use pharmacy labels to communicate information that ensures proper patient care.

Common Pharmacy Label Uses In Healthcare

Pharmacy labels detail key information including patient name, doctor’s name, name and strength of drug, dosage instructions and more. In addition, pharmacy labels emphasize important directions such as when to take the medication or precautions that need to be followed when using the medication.

Pharmacy Labels At United Ad Label

United Ad Label provides pharmacy labels that are specifically designed to handle the rigors of a healthcare environment and work in sync with the new technologies that are part of a modern healthcare system. In addition to our stock products, we offer custom labels if the stock options don’t meet your needs. Custom or ready-to-ship, all are designed to help you improve efficiency, productivity, and patient safety.

Types of Pharmacy Labels:

Storage Expiration Labels

USP <800> Labels

PIS Labels

Medication Instruction Labels

Communication Labels

Medication Flag Labels