Medication Dispensing Labels

Medication Dispensing Labels

What Are Medication Dispensing Labels?

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Medication dispensing labels guide the proper administration and use of medications. Veterinary practices, animal clinics, and more, use medication dispensing labels to communicate and guide more effective patient care.

Common Medication Dispensing Label Uses In A Veterinary Practice

Medication dispensing labels allow you to provide complete and accurate information regarding the contents of medications increasing efficacy and eliminating accidental misuse.

Medication Dispensing Labels At United Ad Label

United Ad Label medication dispensing labels are designed to quickly convey information to the caregiver and pet owner. The flexible paper is easy to use and wraps around small drug syringes without flagging. Plus, in addition to the stock items, UAL offers custom label options. Syringe label stickers

Types of Medication Dispensing Labels:

Prescription Labels

Drug Syringe Labels And Tapes

Heartworm Labels

Communication Labels